Welcome to the site on health and wellbeing. The site is about maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind. In current times, people are focussed on earning money and in the rat race, we somehow forget to take care of our body. The ultimate truth is that we may earn a lot of money but if we are not healthy we may end up spending a large part of our earning in treating our medical ailments. We will try to keep you informed by putting up articles that may help you to lead a better and healthier life. The contributors to the site are Mrs. Mala Pulickal and Dr. Vijaylaxmi Rajasekharan.


Mrs Mala Pulickal is an Internationally Certified Yoga Trainer. She conducts various Corporate Workshops on Yoga in Mumbai. Mala is a Postgraduate in Economics with 10 years’ experience in service sector with companies like HFCL, Wipro & TCS. A seasoned professional with experience as Six Sigma Quality Analyst (Black Belt) & Certified Internal ISO Auditor. Mala has spearheaded international projects and overseas client in the BPO industry & also conducted various six sigma & lean training programmes.  Mala’s aim is to create & guide people in the right direction to attain the objectives of well-being. The intent is to share the learnings & knowledge for the benefit of human beings in attaining blissfulness in life.  Mala’s workshops are designed in a manner keeping things simple but effective which can be adapted without extra efforts. Mala conducts workshop for school kids, corporates & adult groups.

Ways to contact Mala – yug.with.self@gmail.com


Dr. Vijaylaxmi Rajasekharan is a Hypnotherapist, Reiki therapist and Past Life Regression therapist. She is a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management and teaches various subjects of management in Business Schools. She has 14 years of experience in training, recruitment and teaching. She is also a Communication Trainer and Career Coach. She helps Postgraduate students prepare for placement interviews and group discussions.