Chakra Healing for a better physical and emotional life: How to open your Chakras

Chakras in the human body


Chakra literally means a wheel in Sanskrit. These Chakras are centers of energy and are aligned along the spine of our body. An affected Chakras is smaller in size and indicates blockage of energy. During ancient times, the sages would meditate regularly and for an extended time, this helped the Chakras to stay healthy and energised and allowed the surrounding organs to be disease free. Energised Chakras are much bigger in size just like a flower in full bloom. Chakras don’t just control the functioning of the organs at the physical level, they also get affected by emotions. All negative emotion such as anger, unhappiness, anxiety etc affect the Chakras.

Healing the Chakras: Chakra Meditation and sounds

Keeping in mind the hectic life that we lead it may not be possible for everyone to spend enough time meditating each day to energize the Chakras to keep them healthy and it may not be possible for each one of us to master the techniques of meditation. Hence, one may use mantra meditation. What is mantra meditation for Chakras? Well, each Chakra behaves like a flower with multiple petals and has specific mantra or sounds assigned to it. Reciting the mantra word/sound leads to activating and energizing of the Chakra. A person can begin by doing it for a shorter period of time and then extending the time period for each Chakra. Wearing rudrakshas also help in healing diseased Chakras by that has to be done after analysing each individual’s body for energy blockages and wearing rudrakshas to specification. The most important about keeping the Chakras activated is express your emotions not expressing them leads to blockages and closes the Chakras.

Before I start discussing the bheej mantras for the Chakras, we must take care that after meditating, we continue sitting for  some time and do not leave the place of meditation. A period of 10 minutes is sufficient to go back to the normal state. This is because after we meditate:

a) We become more sensitive to sound. Every little sound appears to be amplified as the mind is now in an extremely relaxed state. It may also take time for us to react to stimuli and we may become more to accidents.

b) The aura around our body increases in size and should be allowed to return to the original size before we start going about doing our daily chores.

Let us look at some bheej mantras for the Chakras. Chakra healing takes place from the lowest Chakra at the base of the spine that is because without controlling the basic instincts one cannot move towards higher needs.

Chakras in the human body

  1. Root Chakra/Muladhara Chakra: This Chakra is depicted by a red flower with four petals. Closed Chakra leads to survival issues. It also controls sex energy. It helps transform lust energy that is negative energy to energy of love that is positive.It helps to be grounded(earth). The mantra is LAM

root-chakraRoot Chakra

2.Sacral Chakra/Swadhisthana Chakra: Various fears close this chakra. Activated Chakra bestows courage to face fear. This Chakra controls the feminine power and creativity.This Chakra denotes element-water. The color of the Chakra is orange. The mantra is VAM

sacralSacral Chakra

3. Solar Plexus Chakra/Manipura Chakra: This Chakra closes if the person worries too much. It denotes element- fire and is yellow in color. To heal the Chakra one needs to analyse the reason for the worry and untie it to heal the chakra. The mantra is RAM

solar-plexusSolar Plexus Chakra

4. Heart Chakra/Anahata Chakra: This Chakra controls love. Closed Chakra indicates a need for love and attention. Approaching every situation with love will heal this Chakra. The color of the chakra is green and denotes element air. The mantra is YAM.

heart-chakraHeart Chakra

5. Throat Chakra/ Vishuddhi Chakra: The Chakra closes if there is harbouring of jealousy. It is activated when the person appreciates himself/herself as a creation of the almighty and takes pride in the fact that he is an uniques and beautiful creation of GOD. Stop comparing yourself with others. Feel content about yourself. The color of the Chakra is blue. The element is ether. The mantra is HAM.

throat-chakraThroat Chakra

6. Brow Chakra/ Ajna Chakra: Seriousness affects the Chakra. Undue stress  on being serious all the times closes the Chakra. Seriousness is an ego and is a result of over expectation from life. Be sincere not serious. The Chakra is activated if a person follows simplicity and keeps away from ego.The color of this Chakra is Indigo and element is beyond the five senses. The mantra is AUM.

ajna-1Brow Chakra

7. Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara Chakra: This Chakra closes on being discontent. Gratitude in heart activates this Chakra. Gratitude helps in recognizing the abundance around you. The color of the Chakra is violet and element is beyond five senses ultimate cosmic awareness. The mantra is AH.

crown-chakraCrown Chakra

The word AUM is very interesting it contains three syllable A,U,M . While reciting the first the syllable the energy flows from the lower Chakras upwords. Hence while reciting the the sound of AUM one may stress on the first syllable,last syllable (for higher Chakras) or keep a balanced AUM depending on an invididual’s need to channelize the energy.

Dr. Vijaylaxmi Rajasekharan


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